Creating the Ultimate Kid’s Playroom

Jul 6, 2022

Playrooms are a place where children have their own space to dream, play and get creative, however, when space is at a premium it’s often a luxury that many families go without. Having a designated space in the home for children to play also allows for toys, games and art and craft supplies to be used and stored in one place – close the door when visitors pop in and hide the mess!

A SmartBed fold away bed is the perfect addition to a kid’s playroom; it allows you to create a multi-purpose zone that can seamlessly transform from playroom to spare bedroom in an instant. Read on to learn some great tips to create an amazing multi-functional space for your children’s imagination to run wild.

Clever Storage Solutions

While it’s important for a playroom to be fun, it must also be practical. Having some organisation in the space will keep toys together and ensure they are easy for kids to access and pack up when needed. Open shelving, storage boxes and loads of cupboards will conceal toys and games when you want to transform the room for another purpose. Also remember that wall storage is ideal for freeing up floor space and reducing trip hazards so utilise wall hooks and racks for hanging up costumes, dolls clothes and other lightweight items.

A Creative Colour Palette

A playroom is one zone where you can really be bright and bold. Bright colours such as yellow and orange exude happiness and inspire creativity. Decorative wall papers and educational wall hangings are perfect for growing minds and a blackboard wall allows children to draw with chalk any time, enabling them to practice writing words and numbers and creating colourful masterpieces to be proud of.

Inspiring Playroom Equipment

What’s a playroom without toys, games, and fun-filled activities? For art and crafts enthusiasts, a dedicated painting and craft station allows children to be creative without damaging furniture and flooring. For babies and toddlers, soft play equipment in bright fun colours will help them grow and develop, for primary school kids a reading station and dress-up area will inspire imaginative play. Older children might love a television and PlayStation would be perfect – the options are endless.

A Fold Away Bed

A single folding bed or double wall bed will instantly make the room multifunctional, which is what most inner-city families need. An open playroom can be quickly transformed into a guest room for sleepovers or for when relatives come to visit. Choose a custom wall bed with bespoke cabinetry for the ultimate playroom – when the kids outgrow the zone simply turn it into a home gym, study, or studio!

If you are worried about taking up space to create a playroom for your children to enjoy, a fold away bed from SmartBed is the perfect bed solution. This space-saving addition will allow you to transition from guest bedroom to playroom and back again in minutes. If you want to know more about our wall beds or to order a space-saving cabin bed today, get in touch with our friendly team online or by calling  03 9531 5331.