5 Reasons Why a Good Night’s Sleep Is Important

Feb 19, 2021

Just as important as healthy eating and exercising, sleep is an essential function that allows your body and mind to recharge, and ultimately contributes to your overall health and wellbeing. Most adults require between seven and nine hours of sleep per night, with children and teenagers needing substantially more, however there are many factors that can interfere with natural sleeping patterns including everyday stressors and a disruptive sleeping environment. At SmartBed, we design and manufacture stylish and compact custom wall beds that are space-saving yet comfortable, allowing you to sleep soundly every night. Here are a few reasons why good sleep is absolutely essential to your overall health.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can disrupt the hormones that regulate the appetite meaning individuals who don’t get sufficient sleep may have a bigger appetite, less motivation to exercise and consume more calories, often turning to caffeine and sugar to combat fatigue and lack of energy. Short sleep duration is one of the strongest risk factors for obesity with both children and adults with sleeping problems up to 50% more likely to develop obesity in their lifetime.

Improve Concentration and Productivity

Sleep is vital for many aspects of brain function, including cognition, concentration, productivity, and performance. Poor sleep has been shown to impair brain function, with studies showing short sleep can negatively impact the brain to a similar degree as alcohol intoxication. On the contrary, good sleep can improve problem-solving skills, concentration and enhance memory performance.

Lower the Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke

Sleep quality and duration are believed to be linked to chronic diseases, including heart disease. Research has shown that people who sleep 7–8 hours per night are at a much lower risk of heart disease or stroke than those with short sleep routines.

Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Sleep and mental health have shown to be closely connected. Sleep deprivation affects your psychological state and mental health, particularly for those with a sleeping disorder. While there are continued studies to the mechanisms of sleep, scientists have discovered that sleep disruption, which affects levels of neurotransmitters and stress hormones, wreaks havoc in the brain and can impair thinking and emotional regulation. Poor sleep quality may also be a risk factor for developing an anxiety disorder, and it can worsen the symptoms of current anxiety disorders and even prevent recovery.

Improve Immunity

Getting at least 8 hours of sleep provides essential support to the immune system. In recent years, research has delved deep into the links between sleep and physical health, and it has become abundantly clear that sleep and the immune system are closely connected. The immune system is fundamental to healing wounds, warding off infections, and protecting against chronic illnesses. Getting consistent, high-quality sleep enables a strong and well-balanced immune defence while lack of sleep, and poor sleep quality can interfere with the healthy functioning of the immune system and increase the risk of infection and disease.

Given the importance of sleep for optimal physical and mental health, it’s important you make it a priority to get a sufficient amount of uninterrupted sleep every night.

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