The Practical Benefits of Installing of a Wall Bed

Nov 19, 2020

An ideal space-saving solution designed to integrate seamlessly without sacrificing on style, wall beds are an exciting innovation that provide a practical, comfortable and attractive place to sleep without wasting any precious floor space. SmartBed creates the space you need, or offers an additional place for guests to sleep with customisable wall bed solutions for homes, apartments and commercial applications. Whether you want to maximize space in a small apartment or transform an underused area into a multifunctional room, there are many benefits of adding wallbeds to your home.

Free Up Valuable Floor Space

In most Australian homes, floor space is at a premium. Whether you have a small studio apartment or an area that adapts for multiple uses, when you don’t have much space to spare, it may not be practical to have a queen bed take up most of the floor space. That doesn’t mean you have to settle for a single bed or fold-out sofa bed. Conserve space and enjoy a larger mattress by installing a wall bed. Wall beds take advantage of the vertical space by folding up during the day or when not in use, ensuring the bed doesn’t take up valuable floor space and giving you more room for everyday activities.

Create a Multifunctional Room

Wall beds are the ideal way to creatively transform a spare room into a designated home office, home gym, play room or art studio without giving up your guest accommodation. The majority of the time, the room can serve you and your family as you need it to yet it can be instantly transformed into a guest room when friends come to stay. Simply move any furniture to the side and pull the wall bed down into a horizontal position. You can utilize the space to the fullest while still having a cosy place for guests to stay. Not only does a wall bed allow spare rooms to perform multiple functions, the piece itself can be dual-purpose as there are options equipped with pull-out desks and cabinetry!

Sleep Comfortably

Many people wonder if wall beds will be comfortable, the truth is hideaway wall beds are just as comfortable to sleep on as traditional beds. Featuring the same thick and supportive mattresses that you would find in normal bedroom suites, they swing down in one complete motion with no folding of the mattress required. Wall beds are guaranteed to provide a far more comfortable experience than fold out sofa beds or air mattresses that guests are often subjected to.

Customise the Appearance and Function

Today’s contemporary wall beds can be completely customised to complement the interior scheme of any house or apartment. By day your wall bed will resemble an attractive cabinet that has been perfectly crafted to suit your décor, by night it transforms to a comfortable bed that has been customised with features to meet your needs. When designing a bespoke wall bed you can choose from:

  • Single, double or queen-size mattresses
  • Vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Various cabinetry finishes
  • Cabinet doors and shelving designs that provide practical storage
  • Multi-use designs that provide extra functionality when not in use as a bed
  • Custom hardware to match other furniture or existing fittings

Made from superior materials, a high quality wall bed is a real investment piece purpose-built for your space and designed to last for years. 

Whether you’re looking for sophisticated solution for a small space or a simply wanting to maximise the functionality of a spare room, a SmartBed wall bed option is the perfect choice for you. Get in touch with us today and let our team customize a wall bed system to meet your needs. Call us today on 03 9531 5331. or get a free quote online now.