5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wall Bed

Jun 21, 2022

Wall beds are an ideal way to save space in a home. Whether it’s to combine a spare bedroom with a home office or create more usable space in a studio apartment, wall beds simply fold up to be neatly concealed when not in use. SmartBed is home to Australia’s best range of premium wall bed solutions. If you are looking to install a space-saving in-wall bed in your home, here’s a few factors you should take into consideration to help you choose the right one for your space.

The Function of the Room

Think about how the room will be used when the in-wall bed is not in use. There are many helpful additions you can incorporate such as shelving, drawers and desks to optimise the functionality of the space. if you’re using the room as a guest bedroom that doubles as a home office, you should consider cabinetry that contains the necessary desk and storage you need to function properly as an office as well as a bedroom. If it’s a home gym, ensure the wall bed is mounted in a location which still allows enough room for your fitness equipment when in use.

The Measurements of the Room

Measuring your space accurately is essential before you purchase your wall bed. Spend some time drawing up a plan of the room which includes all measurements, this will help you to check proportions and ensure there is enough space for the bed when it’s both folded up and folded down.

The Location of Windows and Electrical Outlets

It may seem obvious, but choosing a windowless wall is optimal. If you don’t have any walls without windows, you may need to consider a vertical wall bed which can be installed neatly between two windows. You should also be aware of the location of power sockets and switches to ensure you still have easy access to plug in power cords when the bed is in use.

Any Hanging Light Fixtures or Ceiling Fans

If your room has ceiling fans and or pendant lighting, you will need to ensure the wall mounted bed can fold up and down without interference. If not, you may need to engage an electrician to replace the fan or hanging light with slimline, ceiling mounted fixtures instead.

The Surrounding Décor

The cabinetry surrounding the wall beds is available in a wide range of colours and finishes to suit almost any interior colour scheme and décor. Consider the look of the rest of the room and entire home or apartment and design your wall mounted bed to match in and complement the rest of the space.

Installing a wall mounted SmartBed is the perfect space-saving solution for almost any property. Ideal for smaller homes, lofts, student accommodation, apartments and multi-purpose spaces, our custom wall beds are tailored to suit your individual specifications. For more information or for a free quote, get in touch with us online now or give our friendly team a call on 03 9531 5331 today.