Space Saving Single Beds

Transform any space into a functional spare bedroom with a fold down single wall bed

Every Home Can Benefit from a Single Wall Bed

Whether your kids have friends for sleepovers on a regular basis or you simply want to create a multifunctional space, a single wall bed could be the perfect solution for you. Enhancing a small room without overwhelming the space, SmartBed’s range of single folding beds are highly functional and customised to your needs, with integrated desks or shelving, so you can maximise every inch of space.

A Single Folding Bed is Suitable for More Than Just a Studio Apartment

While we have installed wall beds for students and young professionals in studio apartments, a foldable single bed is ideal for accommodating multiple kids in a one bedroom, for families in spacious four-bedroom apartments who just want a little more floor space during the day or an additional sleeping space for when a grandparent comes to stay. Constructed from high quality materials, our wall beds are easy to manoeuvre and provide maximum comfort for a pleasant night’s sleep.

Space Saving Single Beds for Inner City Living

Given the reality of many families choosing inner city living for a convenient and low-maintenance lifestyle, a multi-functional single wall bed allows any bedroom to double as a playroom or study space during the day, leaving the living room free for just that – living. Even when space is not an issue, wall beds are ideal for those who crave a neat and tidy home. A fold down single wall bed can even eliminate the need to nag your child about making their bed!

A Custom Made Single Wall Bed to Suit Any Space

Regardless of your available space, we can design and create the perfect fold down single wall bed to sit your specifications. Proudly made in Melbourne, get in touch with us today and let our team custom build your SmartBed and complementary joinery. Get a free quote online now or speak with a friendly team member by calling (03) 9116 9095 today.