High Quality Wall Beds

Sleep smarter and re-gain your lost floor space with a customised, Australian made wall bed from the experts at SmartBed

Customised Wall Beds for A Modern, Multifunctional Space

If you need extra storage or more usable floor space, it’s never been easier to turn your room into the perfect multipurpose area. Create the home office you need, the guest room you have always wished for, and the playroom for kids all in the one zone with a bespoke in wall bed. Customize the room with a spacious desk for work and study, cupboards for clothes, or shelving for books and toys, all with a comfy bed conveniently tucked away out of sight.

Why an In-Wall Bed is the Ultimate Space Saving Solution

While traditional wall beds may have lacked the style and comfort we desire today, we have worked diligently to develop a line of comfortable and visually appealing wallbeds specifically designed for vertical storage. Available in all sizes from single to king, a wall folding bed:

  • Creates More Space – A wall mounted bed that folds out allows you to make better use of your wall space and frees up as much as 35 square feet of floor space that would otherwise be taken up by a bed.
  • Provides Luxurious Comfort – While wall bed mattresses are thinner than traditional versions, there is no shortage of comfort. From single to king size, you can be sure your side tilt will bed will deliver a good night’s sleep.
  • Has Flexibility in Design– Wall beds can be personalised to include shelving, drawer space, tables, or desk space.
  • Will Complement Your Décor – From dark timber to contemporary white finishes, wall bed design options are available to fit your colour scheme and style preferences.

Wondering Where to Buy Wall Beds?

If you’re looking for a high quality, Australian made wall bed for your apartment or home, get in touch with our team today to explore your options. Discuss your space with us and we will help you find the wall bed solution that’s right for you. Call 03 9531 5331 or enquire online now.