Australian Made Foldable Beds

Optimise the space in your home with a customised & portable foldable bed from Australia’s wall bed specialists

Choose a Contemporary Foldable Bed, Designed for Style and Comfort

At SmartBed, we are passionate about quality and design, and our aim is to help all Australians maximise their valuable floor space by offering a range of bespoke foldable beds that complement any interior whether they are on show or packed away. From single to king size, we have a space saving foldable bed to meet your needs. Your fold down wall bed will be completely customised and can be seamlessly integrated with a variety of storage and shelving solutions to create a personalised wall folding bed system for your unique space.

Why is a Foldable Bed the Best Space Saving Solution?

There are many benefits to installing a foldable bed. These include:

Versatility – Whether you want a home office space, a guest room for when family and friends visit, or you simply want more living space in your small apartment, foldable wall beds allow you to have a comfortable sleeping area while maximising your available space.

Functionality – With the addition of cupboards, shelving, desks and more, regardless of what you need to use your space for, fold out beds enable tiny rooms to work as highly efficient spaces.

Safe and easy to use – Professionally installed fold out wall beds are incredibly safe. They are mounted appropriately to ensure stability and can be folded up or down with ease.

These are just a few of the many advantages fold out beds can offer, to learn more contact our team today.

Guest Accommodation – Folding Sofa Beds Are Not the Answer

When creating multi-functional living spaces or guest rooms, it’s tempting to choose a foldable sofa bed or couch from your local big box furniture outlet. While these provide additional seating with the option of transforming into a bed when required, they are often extremely uncomfortable to sleep on, difficult to open and close and only provide a temporary bedding solution. If you are looking for a folding guest bed that can be hidden away until it’s needed, choose a custom foldable wall bed from SmartBed today.

Discuss Your Fold Up Wall Bed with Us Today

If you would like to learn more about out range or get a quote to install a wall bed in your home or commercial space, get in touch with us today on 03 9531 5331 or request a quote online now. Offering a full delivery and installation service, and providing a comprehensive 12-month guarantee, why wait? Transform your space today.